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The Missisquoi Museum is owned and operated by the Missisquoi Historical Society (MHS).

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The Missisquoi Museum's main site located in the Cornell Mill houses thousands of artefacts and archival materials which reflect the history of Missisquoi County and its citizens circa 1780 to the era of World War II. The Cornell Mill site has three floors of exhibits that reflect themes related to Missisquoi County and its founding and development. Researchers can utilize the extensive archives, which contain a large number of rare historical papers. Unique to the collection are objects and documents belonging to the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants; information and objects from the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870; photographs, ledgers, diaries and letters from the surrounding communities; early 20th century agricultural machinery and tools housed in the Walbridge Barn site; and merchandise from the 1940s housed in Hodge's general store.

TenEyck Red Coat

TenEyck Family Red Coat c. 1776

At the end of the 18th century hundreds of United Empire Loyalists fleeing from the newly formed United States made their way into the region around Missisquoi Bay. They brought what they could carry to sustain them in their new life in a forested wilderness. Amidst the practical items of tools and axes were also personal items and keepsakes.

Dog Power

Dog Power

Opened to the public in 2010 the Walbridge Barn (1881-1882) holds the agriculture collection of the Missisquoi Museum. Over 150 farm machines and tools dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries fill this impressive space.

Hodge's interior Hodge's interior

Interior - Hodge's General Store

Hodge's Store served the community of Stanbridge East for 140 years and contains an extraordinary collection of authentic merchandise from the era of the Great Depression and World War II. Hodge's Store is truly a place where time stood still.


The Missisquoi Museum regularly receives donations that enhance its collection. The objects bear witness to Quebec history and to the historical background and heritage of Missisquoi County.

Would you like to make a donation? It's easy: e-mail or mail photographs of the item(s), along with a description and other information about each object; name of the original owner and a brief history of the object if possible. If you live locally, bring your item(s) directly to the Missisquoi Museum during regular business hours.

The Missisquoi Museum will assess the item's condition and determine if equivalent items are already in its collection. Accepted items will then be submitted to the acquisitions committee for final approval. Please note: As the availability of space in our storage areas is extremely limited, objects will only be accepted if they are unique to the collection and/or have a value to the historical background of Missisquoi County.

A tax receipt for the fair market value will be issued if requested. Tax receipts can not be issued above $1,000 unless a written accredited evaluation is presented.

The Missisquoi Museum reserves the right to refuse donations.

All of the Missisquoi Museum's acquisitions are by donation only.

For further information on the Missisquoi Museum collections,
please contact:
the Curator, Heather Darch:
or the Archivist :info@missisquoimuseum.ca

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